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Best bodywork specialists in Denver. Trigger point therapy, functional movement, mobility training, personal training, therapeutic massage.

Christine Angelica

Licensed Massage Therapist

Christine Angelica received her Associate of Arts degree from Moraine Valley Community College and her Bachelor’s of General Studies with an emphasis in special education and physical disabilities from Ball State University. The first ten years of her career was spent in the social service field working with populations ranging from infants to senior citizens.

During a sabbatical her travels brought her to Colorado where she met a chiropractor Dr. Adam Thom. Through his treatments she found that many of her chronic symptoms, symptoms that traditional modern medicine could not medicate away, had left her. She started working with him in June of 2010 and began receiving training in trigger point therapy. Working in this setting and seeing the effects of bodywork both for herself and the clients treated at the office, Christine found her new calling. She studied at the Colorado School of Healing Arts and in 2011 attained her Certified Massage Therapist license.

Specializing in medical massage, she is also a Reiki practitioner, EMT and CPR trained, and received meditation and clairvoyance training at The Inner Connection Institute under Lauren Skye.

She enjoys rock climbing, jiu jitsu, swimming, hiking, new activities and adventures, and spending time with her family and friends.



Chiropractor, Independent Practitioner

Dr. Sho is owner of SF Chiropractic. He specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation of day-to-day and sports related injuries. He implements a variety of treatment techniques that many professional athletes use today. Originally from suburb of Tokyo called Soka-City in Saitama, Japan, his journey of sports medicine began during high school as he and his teammates coped with numerous competitive track injuries.

To learn more about Dr. Sho, read about his philosophy, and to schedule online, visit his website here!!


Christine Nguyen

Licensed Acupuncturist, Independent Practitioner


Christine Nguyen, owner of Transformational Healing Arts, is a licensed acupuncturist. She brings over 20 years of alternative medical experience to her clients, offering an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to wellness that includes acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and Chinese herbs to address physical, emotional and mental well-being.  

In her free time she enjoys Crossfit, improv, exploration in self-growth and development, and coaching/facilitating Marshall Rosenberg's work in Nonviolent Communication.

To learn more about Christine Nguyen and Transformational Healing Arts, and to schedule online, visit her website here!


Sarah Chmielak

Certified Personal Trainer

When Sarah is not creating better cities as an urban planner, or teaching people how to reduce muscular pain and achieve better health as a personal trainer, she is busy behind the scenes at Zap Zing Bodyworx making sure the Zap Cave runs smoothly. 




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What is the Zap Zing science all about? 

The human body is an amazing thing: it has the ability to heal itself, cope with a variety of stresses and traumas, and adapts to the demands placed on it. However, the body does not always cope and adapt in the preferred way. The demands of repetitive jobs and hobbies, and our modern lifestyle due to advances in technology means that our bodies are adapting and healing in ways that leave us with chronic pain or illnesses.

For example, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, with forward hunching shoulders and repetitive finger movement can cause a multitude of issues ranging from numbness in your fingers, headaches, and low back pain to less obvious issues such as depression and anxiety. These ailments are caused by poor posture, inflammation, muscle adhesions and knots, and the pairing of over/underworked muscles. How about those of us who don’t have desk jobs – we are okay, right? Not quite. People who walk or stand all day may experience foot, ankle, or knee issues, low back pain, and a multitude of other issues, based on simple factors such as overtightened and overworked muscles, posting on one leg, or maintaining an improper posture.

Unfortunately, most people do not spend time maintaining their bodies like they should. Sure, we go to the gym or exercise, try to eat right, stretch occasionally, all in the name of trying to keep a healthy lifestyle. However, without a solid foundation, such as proper posture, or adequate muscle recovery techniques, such as bodywork (whether by yourself or with a professional), bodies will ultimately break down resulting in pain or chronic illness.

Here is the good news – with a basic foundation in movement and bodywork, you can heal from and prevent many of these issues.

At Zap Zing Bodyworx, our goal is to help people get out of pain and back on their feet (sometimes literally!) through smart and effective bodywork, education, and take home work. We believe that everybody is capable of living to the fullest and achieving goals beyond their limits, but oftentimes they need help reducing and preventing pain and illness in order to discover their full potential.

Christine Angelica, founder of Zap Zing Bodyworx, has developed AIM therapy; through AIM, she has effectively treated thousands of clients, ranging from pro MMA fighters to great-grandmothers, alleviating a multitude of issues. AIM stands for angles, integration, and muscle work, and as it implies, it includes a variety of modalities and techniques used, making this method the most effective and efficient form of bodywork you can receive.

How about you?

  • Have you ever awoken to numbness or tingling in your hands? Or is numbness constantly present?
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain (low back pain/sciatica/shoulder/joint, etc)?
  • Do you have depression, anxiety, or trouble dealing with stress?
  • Are migraines or constant/recurring headaches a problem?
  • Do you experience muscle weakness or decreased levels of performance/functionality?
  • Have you suffered from an injury or accident?

If any of these sound like you, or if you have a unique situation, give us a call! We would love to discuss with you the ways we can help.